Church Edification

Edification Of Children

Sunday school

Sunday school leads kids to Jesus. Through this, children discover the truth of God’s word and are forever changed. The Biblical stories and their application in real life are given to children through various activities. Each element connects the kids to the Biblical truth for their every day lives and draws them closer to Jesus. That’s What Sunday School is all about.
Sunday school at Abishehanathar Church is the ministry specially meant for the children of the church. It is conducted every Sunday from 09:00 A.M to 10:30 A.M. In this school, there are 12 gifted teachers to feed the Word of God in the form of object lessons, stories, skits, songs and games to the children. This ministry not only teaches the children with commandments but also train them in various ways to be in God’s path. Thus Sunday school ministry of the church plays a major role in leading the kids to Jesus.

Edification Of Youth

Youth Meeting

Youth ministry is an important part of the church. The youth ministry is carried out to help the youth to grow spiritually and to provide counsel to youth.
Youth meeting at Abishehanathar church is the primary ministry done among the youth of the church. It is conducted every Sunday after the service at 11:00 A.M to 11:30 A.M. The ultimate aim of this ministry is to make the youngsters to live their life in Christ. Our church youth are blessed with exemplary counsellors; their role is to make significant commitment of time, creativity and energy to develop relationship with youth based on faith, prayer and service. They seek to be model adult friends to the juveniles. In this meeting, the youth undergo character study from the Bible and this helps them to live a successful youth life and to overcome the temptations of the wicked one.

Edification Of Women

Women’s fellowship prayer

Women’s Christian fellowship is a prayer / Bible study forum, dedicated to glorifying God. It brings women into more intimate relationship with Jesus as Lord and saviour through the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, prayer and praises.
Women fellowship prayer at Abishehanathar church takes place every Saturday evening at 04:30 P.M. In this fellowship our women of prayer, pray for the nation, sick, ministry and for the special prayer requests. This fellowship is known as a battalion of prayer warriors as they pray for everyone with faith.

Edification Through Family Assembly

Family Assembly

Family Assembly of the church is organized at least twice a year at random intervals by organizations like FMPB. The event occupies almost a day. Two sessions are conducted. In the morning session, activities related to families take place in the form of skits and dramas. Thoughts related to family relations, tips for happy family life, etc. are pondered upon. Various problems arising in families are addressed. In the afternoon session, missionary works are shown to the families present in the form of videos. The importance of going and sending to mission works are stressed. In addition to becoming renewed family members, the people who participate return home with enhanced thirst for missionary ministries.

Edification By Fasting

Fasting prayer

Fasting prayer is the greatest spiritual discipline for seeking God’s intervention. Prayer and fasting together make the most critical weapons for spiritual warfare and for deliverance in our lives.
Fasting prayer at Abishehanathar church takes place on first Monday of every month at 10:00 A.M. In this prayer, the prayer warriors gather and pray for the church, diocese, nation, ministry, sick, special prayer request etc. In these sessions they praise the Lord by singing songs of praise, and then continue praying persistently. Thus,the fasting prayer brings lots of testimonies

Edification Through Village Ministry

Village ministry

Village ministry’s role is to help the villagers to know the Lord and to bring them out of their ignorance and superstition. The village ministry trip at Abishehanathar church is undertaken on 3rd Sunday of every month to nearby villages to spread the Word of God. The men of faith in this ministry take efforts to uplift villagers’ life, to educate the uneducated and through this they feed the word of God to them. As a result of this ministry some villagers accept Christ as their saviour and get baptized. Thus the village ministry of the church plays a role of service in transfiguring the villages to Jesus.

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